CrossFit Modifications for Pregnancy

“Can I do CrossFit while pregnant?” First, let me say that if you have not been doing CrossFit before pregnancy, now is definitely not the time to start. Also, you should always check with your doctor before beginning/continuing any exercise program while pregnant. If you have been doing CrossFit leading up to pregnancy, your generalContinue reading “CrossFit Modifications for Pregnancy”

Pelvic Floor Considerations in Pregnancy

Pelvic floor care during pregnancy is a bit more complex than just “do your kegels”. It is important to understand the changes that are happening in our bodies throughout pregnancy, and how to best care for ourselves so as to minimize the stress on an already stressed system. Some of the changes that occur duringContinue reading “Pelvic Floor Considerations in Pregnancy”

CrossFit and Pregnancy – Is it Safe?

*Always consult your doctor before participating in any exercise program* I’ve been in the CrossFit world for over 5 years, as both a coach and an athlete, so I am very familiar with the workouts typical of a gym (aka “box”). I am also familiar with the reputation CrossFit has, especially among people who areContinue reading “CrossFit and Pregnancy – Is it Safe?”